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Artists' Guild

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A community for creative people with daily challenges, tutorials & more
Don't only practice your art,
But force your way into its Secrets
for it and knowledge can
raise men to the Divine.

~ Ludwig van Beethoven

Welcome to the Artists' Guild!

This community is for creative people of all arts. Whether you like to write, draw, make movies, act, paint, film, dance or whatever else that counts as being creative, you are welcome here.

We offer daily challenges on weekdays, tutorials and weekly challenges on weekends, and a monthly challenge at the beginning of every month.


  • Daily Challenges:
    The challenge is to create something every day. You may link to your work in a comment to the appropriate challenge.

    All prompts are optional.

    This community aims to encourage fast work and experimentation that isn't held up by perfectionism. The Daily Challenges are primarily there to help produce nice sketches, not nessessarily masterworks. - Of course, links to your masterworks are welcome here, too.

  • Weekly Challenges:
    Sometimes we will offer these chain challenges that will build on each other. While they can be done each separately for the best results it is advisable to participate in all weekly challenges of a given month***.

  • Monthly Challenges:
    With these you can take your time. Their goal is to inspire you to create work that requires several to many hours to finish, like complex paintings, a novellette or a set of costumes.
    The monthly challenges will be offered once there is an interest for them.

  • Deadlines:
    The deadline for every daily challenge is 7 days from posting date of the challenge, while the weekly challenges have a deadline of 2 weeks, and the deadline for the monthly challenge is at the end of that month.

    If you missed the deadline you may still comment with your challenge entry, but you cannot earn points on them or count them to whatever team thing you've created for contesting in the workrooms.****

  • Tutorials:
    We will from time to time offer tutorials for craft and creativity from time to time to support the challenges and creative process. If you would like to request or offer specific tutorials or topics for tutorials please contact us.

  • Weekly Workrooms:
    A new workroom (visible only to community members) will be opened at the beginning of each week (except if the workroom of last week hasn't been used yet, then it will just stay open for another week) where all members may post, ask questions, collaborate, organize contests, post polls, make a handstand or do whatever it takes to get the creative juices flowing.
    Workrooms are sticky posts to be easier to find.

* You may participate in every challenge here as often as you wish.

** You may provide a link link to your finished creation whether it is posted friends-locked, publicly or even available in online stores (where it can be looked at and ordered/bought online.)

*** Every month here at the Artists' Guild offers a new beginning. Points that were earned last month can still be spent, but the counter for earning new points is reset to ZERO at the start of every month, and the weekly challenges and tutorials are usually built around one topic per month.
This is to keep participating here encouraging and interesting. (See below for more information on points.)

**** If you want contests and more activity, please go and organize yourselves in the weekly workrooms. They have been created specifically for such interaction and activities. Make this community more exciting than ever planned. Play. Most of all: Have fun!

Rating: Everything here can be varied, interpreted and fitted to your needs. The only real rule so far is this one: Please stay below the ratings of R/NC-17.
This community is open to people of any age and we would like to keep it that way.

And, as always, follow the general rules of netiquette.

Have fun.

On Points

— For the daily challenges you may give yourself 10 points per creative work (story, song, film, computer programm, photo, self-made jewellery, drawing, painting, whatever else you can come up with), and another 5 points per challenge prompt you used in some way.

Earn a hundred points by writing ten stories that day, or by writing one story with ten of the prompts in it. (Prompts can be used multiple times in one story because words can have different meanings and these prompts are meant to be interpreted as creativly as possible. They don't even have to be visible in the story/work to still count.)

— Put the points you've earned into your comment. Add all points earned that month, too, and put it into the header, too in this format: [this story's points]/[this month's points]
i.e. "Points earned: 15/1475 points" (if this story earned you 15 points, bringing this month's total up to 1475 points)
It is helpful to keep track of these points and show them off in an extra entry in your own blog.

— If you need some more pressure to get yourself working then set yourself the goal of earning at least 10 points every day. Or 100 points every day, or 50 points every week (any goal, any amount of points can be chosen). Challenge yourself, just don't overwhelm yourself.
State that goal in the current workroom (sticky post). Change your goal whenever nessessary. Most of all, have fun with it.

— But what if it takes you a whole week to fill a challenge once because you create a master's work while someone else just makes one sketch after the other, ten of them per day — are then his many points worth just the same as your few point?
Weight the points as you wish.
What matters is that stuff gets created and that these challenges help you and him and them to start or continue or finish more creative works than you and they would have otherwise.

Spending points: There will be a shop corner in every week's workroom where you can buy with you points whatever you feel is a just reward for your hard work.
Just state in a comment in the workroom what you are buying with your points, and then either treat it as a fun virtual reward (build a dream castle that way!), or go and get this reward (which can be anything, a visit to the cinema or a new recipe you want to try) for real in your Real Life. You've earned it!

If you don't care for points then just don't count them and delete the line about points in the challenge reply form. Or switch them out for cookies if you prefer. (i.e.: "Cookies earned: 15/1475 cookies" ...)