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Artists' Guild
Shopping in your sleep 
1st-Oct-2012 01:33 pm
Challenge Details:

Random Word Prompts: Music, skyscraper, running on water, two leaves, a mug full of mud

Setting Prompt: On a flying carpet

Theme Prompt: Action — Throw the character into the cold water, have them hit the ground running, be in battles, fight a raging computer virus, work against the clock, run the obstacle course to find the golden egg guarded by the most deadly dragon.

[Rules, points and posting details]

— Create whatever you wish.

— Your creation can be anything: a song or just the lyrics, any kind of writing (fiction, non-fiction; poetry, drama, prose), it can be a video that tells a story, a photograph, a painting, a drawing, the choreography for a dance or the dance itself filmed, a house you designed, a poem or a scene for a script — anything.
Create anything. If you value it, it fits the requirements of this challenge.

— Your creation can be of any length, size and word count. If it consists of two words, it counts. If it consists of 10.000 words, it still counts. If it is a speed painting or a five minute improvisation, it counts. If it took you half a year to create, it still counts.

— Your creation has to stay below a rating of R.

— You don't have to post the creation itself anywhere, or publicly. Therefore giving a link is optional.

Points to self-award:

— 10 points for each challenge answer,

— 5 extra points for each prompt you managed to use in any way, even if it is not obvious or visible to anyone else.

All prompts are optional.
The prompts are the challenge title and any prompt or requirement listed for the Challenge Details.

Questions can always be asked in the current workroom (the sticky post above all other posts).

Comment here with the (optional) link to your challenge answer using this or an edited reply form:

Deadline: October 8th 2012
6th-Oct-2012 02:51 pm (UTC)
Title: Calling Lucy
Prompts used: On a flying carpet
Points earned: 15/15
Summary: I'm just inviting her to dinner, mom!
Warning: Don't get shot.
Genre: SF/F
Rating: G
Link: http://taleastales.livejournal.com/2592.html
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